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I purchased a couple mugs & some socks.  The mugs were well packaged and the socks fit, and look, great!  I'll buy from here again.            Shawn D.

My tote bag arrived today and it looks fabulous. I can't wait to use it.    Cindy Rivers

About Me:

I walk my dogs daily. As I huff and puff, I let my mind wander and was thinking about politics and business and I thought what a shame that women are still ridiculed and scorned for being strong and capable. Althoug it's better than it was, it can still improve. That's when I had an idea for a t-shirt about strong, talented, and capable women. Now, what to do? Why, start a business, of course! So, here I am learning about, and sometimes overwhelmed by, websites, e-commerce stores, creating designs, and marketing a business.

My hope is that my designs will help others to acknowledge and love themselves for who they are.


Mr G'sT's